Simple Formula For Video Marketing Scripts

Video Marketing For LO’s:  Here’s What You Say….

“Ok Carl, I get it, I know video marketing would get me more deals, but I still haven’t started it…”    I get this kind of message all the time. 

Look, I don’t need to sit here and write some lame article about “Why you need to do video marketing…” 

We all already know about how much of an impact that it has to your clients.  Think about watching a TV program, then when it’s time for an advertisement to come on, how silly would it be that Nike would pop up a text article that you were supposed to read on the screen… you know, a “Free Report”.  Of course that would absolutely bomb in comparison to a “video commercial” where in 30 seconds they:

1.      Tell a story

2.      Tell you “what they have”

3.      Tell you “How it will benefit you”

4.       Tell you “Here’s what you need to do next (buy their product)

So the issue isn’t “Should you be doing it”…  “So then what is it?” you are asking yourself…

For many it’s the issue of “What should I say?”

Here’s a little secret formula that I will share with you that will answer that question once and for all.

It’s a simple 4 step process, and here it is.

Step #1:  Go to where your crowd is, let’s say real estate agents or other professionals that you want referrals from (ie… email list, Facebook group, Linkedin) and ask them this one simple question: “What is your #1 problem in your business today?”  Another version of that question is: “What is the #1 thing you want help with?”

If you are going consumer direct, simple ask “What is your #1 question you have about buying or selling real estate now?’

Step #2:  Google the very same question that they responded back to you with and see the different answers that come up.  Then use that information, combined with your own knowledge to provide an answer to their question.

Step #3:  Turn on your simple smart phone (which has a killer video camera by the way) and use a script of: “Hey, a lot of you have been asking about ____________.  Here’s a quick solution to that <answer that question based on your experience and what you found on reputable sites using Google>.  Follow that part of the video with a 30 second “call to action” which is simply an offer for what you do and telling them how to contact you.  This entire video is only around 2 to 4 minutes!!

Step #4:  Post that video in the Facebook Group, Facebook Fan Page, YouTube, and your own page (all these are completely free resources with a MASSIVE audience).

Wasn’t that easy!!! 

I know, I know, we all want to complicate it, but really, that’s all there is to it!!

Now, you are seen as the person who is helping them solve their problems, which is a very cool person to be seen as.

And you now can do it using the media that they want to “consume” your information, VIDEO, not the same old style free report that everybody else is doing, and your crowd doesn’t.

Ok, gotta go right now, I’m heading to a “Think Tank” in a small Southern California town where I’m sharing more video “How To’s”.

To get the same stuff I’m sharing with them but with instant access, just click the link below so that you get all the information you need to feel good about shooting your short and effective videos so that you can start getting some new deals 🙂

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Help, Their House is on fire!

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